Portrait photography, in my opinion, is less about pricing and more about the relationship between the photographer and the client and having the client get the results they'd like to see.  For any new prospective client I always tell them to look through my galleries first.  If my style matches what you're looking for, then let's talk about setting up a session!  Below are some basic pricing packages to get the conversation started.  Shoot me a message and we can discuss your session today!

Standard pricing for a basic portrait session is $400(seniors, portfolio shoots, model shoots, etc. - pricing is for the shoot, prints are extra - no digital images are included)

We typically like to plan around a 2 hour shooting session with multiple outfits and multiple locations. 5-8 fully retouched images will be provided and can be posted on Facebook (watermarked and lower resolution so friends & family can see them) and they will also be in your own gallery on the website (high resolution for printing).  A large volume of watermarked proofs will also be put in a private proofing gallery on the site for you to review and select an additional 5-8 images to be retouched that will be included in the overall package.  After the 5-8 that I select and the additional 5-8 that you select, retouching for additional images in the proof gallery will cost $10 per image and then will be added to the high resolution printing gallery.  Any retouched color images can be converted to black and white for no additional charge.  For Seniors, one retouched digital image can be provided to the school for the yearbook for no additional charge.

Standard pricing for a headshot session is $400(pricing includes the shoot and two retouched digital images)

Typically around an hour of shooting with a couple of different outfits in one location (studio or outdoors).  A private proof gallery will be provided where you can select two images to be retouched. Hi-rez images will be provided to you with a print release.  Additional retouched images with print release can be provided at $50 each.  Various croppings (8x10, 4x6, etc.) and black and white conversions of retouched images can be done at no additional charge.  Just let me know what you need!

Have a group?  Does your whole office need headshots?  Contact me and we can discuss your specific needs!

Standard pricing for a family session is $500 (pricing includes shoot only - prints are extra - no digital prints are included)

Usually one generally consistent outfit for the various family members but a second outfit is okay.  "Family" is typically considered up to seven people. Email to discuss larger groups.  All images will be loaded into a private proofing gallery.  Selections for retouches can be made for any images that you will wanted printed.  Minor retouching will be done.

Standard pricing for event photography is $500(sporting events, social gatherings, etc. - pricing is for a large volume of lo-rez images)

Includes a couple of hours of coverage capturing candid images of the event and its participants.  No posed or set-up group shots are included.  A high volume of Lo-rez watermarked images will be provided on social media shortly after the event and Hi-rez images will be uploaded to a gallery on this site where prints can be ordered.  See below for print pricing.

Wedding packages - Send me an email and we can discuss your specific needs!

Individual print pricing on professional grade photographic paper:  (Metallic Paper also available for an additional charge)

$19.00 - 8x12

$17.00 - 8x10

$12.00 - 5x7

$  5.00 - 4x6

$  5.00 - set of 4 wallets

Large print package - $216.00 (a 20% discount over the à la carte pricing above) includes: 

4-8x10s, 6-5x7s, 10-4x6s and 64 wallets.  Shipping is extra for all prints.

Standard print package - $136.00 (a 10% discount over the à la carte pricing above) includes:

2-8x10s, 4-5x7s, 6-4x6s and 32 wallets.  Shipping is extra for all prints.

Small print package - $54.00 (a 10% discount over the à la carte pricing above) includes:

1-8x10s, 2-5x7s, 2-4x6s and 8 wallets.  Shipping is extra for all prints.

Contact me with any questions and we can set your appointment for a session now!